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Skyfall Summer Update

XxMadSkizzlesxX Manager posted Mon at 4:31

Summer Update:

Hello everyone! First off I would like to thank all the staff at skyfall for allowing me to join the team, now down to business. What is going on with skyfall? What is coming to skyfall? In the past couple of weeks I have ogranized, planned, and generated some ideas on how to make skyfall more interesting. (With the help of other staff) This being said I will move on to the change log and W.I.P changes.

Survival Changes:

-Added a plugin that gives the game 400+ items with more to come, Accessible by /sf guide

-Removed keep inventory and changed clearlag timers to be more spread out

-Better chairs now configured for slabs

-Horses now teleport along with you

-Bookshelves now can hold books

-Added plugins for staff to be able to do their job better

Survival W.I.P:

-New Minigames being planned

-Custom enchants (Maybe)

-Adding more food you can place and eat

-Updating rules for afk fishing/adding a new fishing plugin

-Looking into custom jobs

-New system for /enchant that charges money

-Custom mobs/End reset (Something of the sort being planned)

-Multiple tutorials coming on how to use specific features

Skyblock Changes:

-No changes currently as we are in the planning stage

Skyblock W.I.P:

-Adding more challenges

-Looking into a contest of sorts for top island

-Fishing plugin/custom fishing

-Fix Mcmmo

-Fix specific challenges

Creative Changes:

-Also in planning stage see W.I.P

Creative W.I.P:

-Bigger/more plots for donors

-Pets and cosmetics (Might be added to other servers aswell)

-Information on world edit and adding more tutorials

-Looking into a bug where players can not place items in creative


Yes thats right we are adding factions! This is currently in development and will be updated about when we have more done. However we currently have about 50% done. Hang in there!

Website/Discord Changes:

-Added tags for every donor rank on discord

-Cleaning up discord list and making it look more professional

Website/Discord W.I.P:

-Looking into more donor options for discord (Will be talked about at a later date)

-Generally making the website look nice/changing navigation

-Adding more voting websites and redoing rewards

-Adding Voter Crates on the servers in a tier system (Higher tier might have a chance for a donor rank)

In Conclusion:

We will be working hard on each server to make it more enjoyable and new for everyone. If you have any questions feel free to ask myself or other staff on Discord, the website or you can always comment down below. If you have any suggestions for the servers please go to the servers designated suggestion forum and post your suggestion there I will personally make sure to reply to every single one.


Skyfall Staff Team

Illuminati_Kitty Platinum Now I cant rely on ki :0 I am gonna lose all my stuff in the first 8 minutes XD
Breezie2k PlatinumDragonForemano This looks fantastic! Great work you guys :)
Seth_Pattison Elite Nice to see life on the server once again haha

Happy Birthday Skyfall!

Untold_Tales Owner posted Mar 21, 17

Happy Birthday Skyfall!

A massive thank you and congratulations to all our staff, past and current, and all our lovely players as we start planning our one year celebrations!

We're so proud of everything that out staff and our community have accomplished, and we'd love to celebrate with you guys! We've got massive plans in the works, including giveaways, fireworks, and massive planned events, which we plan to start around the 14th of April, so keep your eyes on this space!

If you want to take part, make suggestions, or help us set up, give a staff member a message. We couldn't have gone this far without you guys, and this is our way to celebrate our successes!

Skyblock Revamp

Please note: We will be taking down and resetting Skyblock in line with our revamp. We will start this process tomorrow, Wednesday, the 22nd of March, and we will be reopening on Wednesday, the 29th of March.

I think we can all agree that now we have an awesome survival server and a sparkly new creative server, Skyblock is in need of some Love. Fortunately, we will be addressing this over the next week. This does mean that we will have to reset Skyblock, but we hope you'll love the new servers that much more. The new server will offer Skyblock related mini-games, customized starter islands, a new donor world and other tricks that the development team have been addressing. We hope you like it!

Before we reset the server, we'd like to make a slideshow of the islands that we've got. If you want yours showcased, please give us a shout. We're really excited to hold on to these memories. 

Thank you guys as always for all your love. I can't believe we've been around for an entire year now... On behalf of the staff team, we're all really honoured for the opportunity to create and uphold this gaming space for you. 

Really guys, thank you so much.


TheLostOrigin Retired No way has it been a year?! Times gone so fast! It Doesn't seem 10 minutes since we started the server up!
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